• Sport e Relax

    Mountain bike tracks, water sports and paths that lead you into the middle of nature: the Trentino Garda area has become the place to go for who loves a holiday filled with sport and relaxation. Torbole and the towns surrounding it_ are also full of history and culture: churches, museums and typical Italian villages make the lakeside view a beautiful gem of art and folklore.
  • Green Eco Breakfast!

    Everything we offer centers around the ”Eco thought” including our breakfasts. We looked for and found the best organic products grown and processed in the area. Fruit, vegetables, meats, cheeses, jams, different types of home-made bread, eggs.
  • Natural Furniture

    In our rooms you will be allowed to breathe in the fresh scent of pine from our woods, run your hands over the bedroomwalls that have been decorated with straw plaster, you will rest your glasses before going to sleep on fir logs and, thanks to our larger-than-life paintings, you will feel surrounded by our beautiful Lake as if they were windows.
  • Modern technology and natural resources

    Our natural heating system works on cold water from our underground aquifer. We also have a machine on the roof of our building that takes the air from outside our building, filters it, brings it to the right amount of humidity, refreshes it and sends it to the rooms: as it goes it passes over cold water thus creating the perfect temperature . This way the air is always slowly changing , there aren't any drafts or noises. Most of the air then gets sent back outside while the rest gets mixed in with the new air to start the cycle all over again.

You will be asking yourself: Why an Eco Hotel on Lake Garda?

Do you want to have an Ecological holiday in a building different from any other? Then you are welcome to stay at the Eco Hotel Bonapace in Torbole on Lake Garda.
A three star Hotel that will surprise you at every turn, it is built completely in wood, our systems all use natural water, and all our energy is provided by our solar panels and renewable sources.
Here we guarantee man's well being with a constant microclimate which allows the air to change and be filtered, the control of humidity, a natural way to refresh the air and unique acoustic and thermal isolation.
Our breakfasts consist of local organic products that we buy directly from the producers and also seasonal and home-made products.
We offer a buffet that will suit those guests who have a gluten or lactose intolerance and also vegans. We ask our clients to take an active part in not creating too much food wastage, to limit the amount of detergent used when washing clothes and to recycle waste and to avoid using monoportions or monodoses.
Living like this for just a few days will give you the opportunity of reflecting whether you really want to respect yourself and protect the environment in which new generations will be born into.
Our love of the environment is making us aim high: to completely eliminate the
emission of C02 produced in our Click here!

What you can do on Lake Garda


  • Because we are in a very silent part of town but two minutes from the lake;
  • Because we offer our clients a protected bike deposit;
  • Because in our whirlpool (open in the warmer months) it is easy to relax in front of a stunning view.

Nature is not a place to visit. It is our home.

(Gary Snyder)