Enjoy your holiday in complete safety at the Eco Hotel Bonapace.

The safety of our clients and staff are a priority for us.

For this reason, you will see that we have adopted all the necessary precautions to ensure that your holiday will be serene and in complete safety.

The Eco Hotel Bonapace has adopted the following measures:

2 sittings for Breakfast, which must be prebooked and are fully regulated. The disposition of tables in our Breakfast room has been altered, so reducing the number of guests and thus guaranteeing the necessary safety distance as required by current legislation.

- Between the 2 sittings there is a time lapse which permits the necessary sanitization of tables and prevents outgoing and incoming guests meeting.

- Breakfast must be chosen the day before and will be served at your table, thus avoiding too many guests at the Buffet and also eventual contamination.

- On request, depending on numbers, there is also the possibility of having Breakfast in your room.

- The Breakfast Preparation area is in full view of guests, and protective panels of transparent plexiglass and natural wood.

- All members of our staff wear masks covering nose and mouth, use latex gloves and are equipped with a safety kit, thus protecting both themselves and our guests.

Regular sanitization, twice daily, of all public areas plus frequent ventilation, so as to increase personal safety and guarantee maximum hygiene.

- The use of chlorine and alcohol based products to sanitize all surfaces, in particular those which are most frequently touched. All new products are certified and meet with Ministry of Health recommendations.

- There is Disinfectant Hand Gel at the disposition of all guests in the public areas.

Specific signs remind guests of the rules and good habits necessary in order to avoid spreading Covid-19.

- All bedroom linen is washed by our trusted laundry, using disinfectant washes, thermochemical UV light, that eliminates bacteria and viruses. A process that is guaranteed by the international standard UNI EN 14065 for the control of the Biocontamination of fabrics treated in laundries.

- Rooms will be cleaned only when requested by our guests

- The accurate sanitization of all rooms after guests final departure, using specialised products.

- A bedroom cleaning kit is available for purchase by guests.

- Reception have surgical masks and latex gloves for sale for guests who may need to top-up their personal supply.

- Frequent sanitization of the air purifying and cooling system.

- Our team has been suitably trained in order to guarantee the respect of all hygiene and safety standards. Specific standardised procedures have been adopted inside the hotel during the Covid-19 fase. All official regional and national protocols specific to hotels have been adopted and Governmental decrees, orders from the Ministry of Health and Securitymeasures have been observed. Our staff have also been trained to handle and eventual case of Covid-19.

- A person responsible for handling the Covid-19 period in the hotel has been nominated; trained on the Corso “REFERENTE AZIENDALE COVID-19” (APS08.2003) (a training course specific for the handling of Covid-19) held by the Trentino School of Management and organised by the Azienda Provinciale per i Servizi Sanitari UOPSAL (provincial health service agency).

- The opportunity to measure bodily temperature, without physical contact.

- All eventual health and emergency Covid-19 contacts are on public display.

- The hotel will request a copy of the guests Identification document to be sent by email before arrival (fast check-in) in order to avoid queues for check-in on arrival.

- Reception has installed a new plexiglass panel. Pos, telephone, monitor, keyboards and objects in general intended for public use, are frequently sanitized.

- The possibility to consume meals in the bedrooms that have been collected from a Take-away or that has been delivered to the hotel. Information on restaurants offering such services or relevant Apps are available.

- The provision of specific containers for the disposal of dangerous items (gloves, masks etc) in public areas.

- Access to the Whirlpool is permitted for a maximum of 2 persons at a time, in respect of the security measures necessary to guarantee the safety of all our guests.